The Loft

The Loft is a ministry focused on high school aged youth. We meet on Wednesday evenings, starting at 6:30-8 pm and Sunday evenings from 5-7pm. We love to play hard and also to study the Scriptures hard. Our goal is to develop young men and women into godly men and women who know their God, the Gospel, the Bible, and to consistently live out a Biblical worldview in their daily lives being Christ-like and counter-cultural. We try, with God’s help and the student’s responsibility, to develop the students to be involved in the ministry of the church because they are not only the church of the future, if a Christian, they are a part of the church now. They should be using and developing the spiritual gifts to help serve, building up the body of Christ, and grow in their faith and as a person. 

Our hope is to develop, build, and invest in relationships modeling and declaring biblical truth. We do not replace parents who are the most influential people in a student’s life. Parents are commanded by God to instruct their children in the Lord (Ephesians 6:4 Deuteronomy 6), but we want to come alongside them in support directing youth to Jesus Christ through the Bible.

Let Us Bless the Lord

Events that we do or will try to do:

  • Youth Retreat each summer
  • Hangout and game nights
  • Hangout and movie nights
  • Various events that may come up: Concerts, Conferences
  • Discipleship groups

The Philosophy of Ministry is L.E.G.O.S.: Building a disciple-making ministry.

Love: The Pastor and youth leaders are to communicate and model the love of God to others.

Example:The Pastor and youth leaders are to set the example of Christian maturity as godly men and women showing what godly lives look like in action and not just words.

Grow: Our hope is to see youth grow in knowing who God is, in their relationship with God, in the Faith, and as people in all areas of life.

Own: We want to see students know what they believe but also know why they believe it coming out of their parents or pastors believe to owning their own personal faith in Jesus  and growing into maturity of the faith.

Serve: As students grow in their faith, they are to serve others. They are to serve the Lord by serving in their home, in their church, in their schools, extracurricular activities, their jobs, and in the community being the salt and light as Jesus’ witness as He has called us to be. 

If you have questions or comments, please contact us with our online contact form or call the church office.